19 February 2017

Millicent Rogers in Columbia SC

The esteemed auction house Charlton Hall in Columbia South Carolina will be auctioning pieces from the Arturo Peralta-Ramos Collection March 2, next month. Within the collection, there are a number of pieces of furniture and decorative pieces that once belonged to his mother Millicent Rogers. With homes in Switzerland, New York, Virginia and lastly New Mexico, Rogers accumulated countless possessions for extremely different homes procured with her sharp, sometimes idiosyncratic eye.

photographs of Rogers in New York by Richard Rutledge

As I looked at the items that were once hers, I wonder about her thought process. Was it to fill a spot, love at first site, or fondness for an artist?  Whatever it was, I can only admire it.

Here are some of my favorite lots from the sale.

Lots 46 & 47 by Louis-Leopold Boilly (French, 1761-1845) 
PORTRAIT D'HOMME EN REDINGOTE ET CHEMISE BLANCHE (46), PORTRAIT DE FEMME (47) These two Boilly portraits are pictured hanging above her desk published in Vogue March 15, 1945.

Lot 42 James Meikle Guy (Connecticut, 1909-1983) 
UNTITLED (Social Surrealist figural scene) 

Lot 38 Jean Francois Raffaelli (French, 1850-1924) 

Lot 225 -A Everett Shinn (New York, 1876-1953) 

American bronze bust of Millicent Rogers early 20th century

Lot 215 Pair Paris porcelain urns 19th century

Lot 19 French Empire bronze-mounted mahogany commode-secretaire first quarter 19th century,

One of a pair of was photographed at Millicent Rogers' Claremont Manor in Virginia in 1940. (pictured below)

Lot 17 Neoclassical ormolu-mounted and inlaid birch lit en bateau, attrib. Joseph-Marie Benard circa 1825. The bed is said to have belonged to the Countess Walewska, Polish noblewoman and mistress of Emperor Napoleon I. It once resided in Millicent's chalet in St. Anton, Austria.

all lots can be found on the Charlton Hall Auctions site here.

12 February 2017

counting the months


"What do I care if Mrs. Harrison Williams is the best dressed woman in town?" Cole Porter

When you start writing about people suddenly you are scouring ebay for photographs of them— I obsessed a bit. It's 2 months till my book is finally released, April 11th. Cecil Beaton's portrait of Mona and Harrison Williams is on the cover. Here's one of my Mona photographs, c1937- February 10, by the way! Quote: copy should read- Mrs. Harrison Williams acknowledged to be the world's best dressed woman, accompanied by William Taylor, arriving at the Colony Club in Palm Beach Fla., where they are vacationing. (Credit line Acme)

Plans to be in NYC, Houston, High Point, Raleigh, and Charlotte are underway now.

06 February 2017

If you are following trends... 
You've already lost your way.

Jacques-Emile Blanche "Le Divan en chintz"1908, or 2017

30 January 2017

SAG Sacks

Though the beautiful Natalie Portman did not win Sunday night's SAG Award for the Best Actress, she swept the best-dressed category.

There was a sea of sad sacks at SAG.

The pregnant Natalie Portman— serene and elegant in her Dior gown.

images are from the Daily Mail. see the fashion fails here.


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